What sustainability choices have you adopted for the packaging of your agricosmetics?

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We package our formulas, rich in natural ingredients, only in glass and aluminium, precious, protective and completely and indefinitely recyclable materials.

We eliminate plastic, which is highly polluting, and unnecessary and superfluous packaging, by creating the necessary tools only in eco-sustainable paper, wood, metal, cotton: natural materials which transmit authentic sensations.

OWAY labels are FSC paper.

An eco-sustainable choice that does not compromise the containers’ recyclability, as they can be thrown away for recycling without first having to remove the labels.

We look for the most ecological and eco-certified papers, such as the Tree Free paper made using waste from food and agricultural production and not from felling trees.

Far beyond packaging, our circular and conscious values embrace every aspect of the supply chain, influencing our every small or large concrete choice.

Discover all our values here.

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