What does Oway mean?

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Oway is a portmanteau of Organic Way, an expression that combines biology (Organic) with lifestyle (Way).

It evokes a worldview that embraces the cyclical, as embodied in respect for the ecosystem, the recycling of resources, and the natural cycles that produce our ingredients.

Why organic and not biodynamic? Simply because we chose our brand name early in 2000, in a period when we were reaping the benefits of years of pioneering research in organic ingredients.

Biodynamics revolutionized our approach to professional cosmetics in 2010, and with the experience we have gained from our Ortofficina farm estate in the hills above Bologna we now grow our own ingredients directly, following a zero-mile approach to biodynamic farming.

Organic is an essential ingredient of our formulations for success, and we draw on the cooperation of numerous organic and biodynamic farmers.

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