Do you use copolymers within styling products?

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Oway formulates and produces professional agricosmetics seeking the best in the field of sustainability, natural qualities and effectiveness on skin and hair.

Following our values, we have chosen to use some non-naturally derived ingredients in a non-occlusive way exceptionally and only for a few products, such as styling or pre-styling ones.

Used on the lengths (not on the scalp) they provide several benefits: they offer greater hold and resistance to styling, improve the appearance of hair that is dull, brittle, damaged and with split ends, restore the shine and elasticity of the hair, protect against external agents and humidity, etc.

As these are styling and pre-styling products, the application only affects the lengths and ends (not the scalp).

Our agricosmetics are professionally effective, we will replace the few remaining non-naturally derived ingredients with natural ingredients only when the effect on the hair will be better.

According to our studies and tests, for the above purpose only, natural ingredients are currently unable to have the same action as the few non-natural ingredients used.

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