Do your formulations follow the principles of green chemistry?

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Each product is formulated based on the most advanced green and clean chemistry principles.

For Oway, resorting to this means replacing synthetic raw materials where possible with the best natural or naturally derived alternatives, without this choice compromising performance in any way.

On the contrary, the preference for these ingredients increases the yield of Oway professional treatments, as raw materials of natural origin have the prerogative of being more complete and multi-functional.

Thanks to this replacement and to relentless research, most Oway formulas have over 90% natural ingredients.

The Oway formulas concretely improve the capillary and skin structure with each application, through concentrated, versatile, professional and pleasant mixtures.

We aim at balancing ingredients that add value, properties and effectiveness to the product, beyond any subtraction or absence.

We choose to enhance the unique benefits of our raw materials, taking for granted the elimination of all potentially harmful substances which diverge from the principles of agricosmetica®.

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